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Cub Pride Article - April 21, 2017 - by Mrs. Lauralie Powell, Technology Integration Specialist:

Monett R-1 is once again offering Blended Summer School for all first through sixth grade students. Blended Summer School is a perfect fit for those busy families who travel during the summer or have packed agendas during the summer months. While regular summer school is offered each day Monday through Thursday throughout the month of June, Blended Summer School is only 3˝ hours once a week.

Students enrolled in the blended classes will be given assignments to complete throughout the week and will have the opportunity to communicate with their teacher via email should they be in need of assistance. Devices will be distributed to students on the first day of summer school (May 30th) and will need to be returned on June 22nd.

Our hope this summer is to not only continue to support language arts and math instruction but to also make coding a primary focus.

Coding, in the simplest of terms, is telling a computer what you want it to do, which involves typing in step-by-step commands for the computer to follow. Learning to code has been likened to learning a foreign language or perhaps more specifically, a family of foreign languages. You might be wondering why coding is important?

“Code powers our digital world. Every website, smartphone app, computer program, calculator and even microwave relies on code in order to operate. This makes coders the architects and builders of the digital age.

Over the next 10 years it is estimated that there will be 1.4 million jobs in computer sciences and only around 400,000 graduates qualified to do them.

Our world is increasingly run by software, and we need more diversity in the people who are building it. More importantly, writing software is about expression, creativity - and practical application.
Our kids should learn to bend, join, break and combine code in a way it wasn't designed to. It's a whole generation of kids that will use code like our generation used words."

We hope that you will consider registering your child for our Blended Summer School program. Please ask your child’s teacher for a registration form or visit our school website at monett.schoolfusion.us
We’re looking forward to another great summer of learning!

Cuthbertson, A. (2017, March 29). Coding in the classroom: What is coding and why is it so important? Retrieved April 17, 2017, from http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/coding-classroom-what-coding-why-it-so-important-1463157

Cub Pride Article - February 17, 2017 - by Mrs. Lauralie Powell, Technology Integration Specialist:

“Innovation starts with an idea. This idea needs to have potential for a positive result or impact. Execution is the difference between an idea that would create value and an idea that does not create value. Just having good ideas is not enough. No one ever innovated by sitting on their brilliant idea and twiddling their thumbs.”

If Innovation is what you’re looking for, you’ll want to stop in and take a look at some classrooms at Monett Intermediate School. There’s a healthy ‘buzz’ of excitement as the 5th and 6th grade students eagerly work on their Innovation Hour projects. It’s thrilling to see how technology plays a role and has opened up opportunities for these students.

Ms. Kew’s student, Andrew Greenlee recently focused on Pangaea for his Innovation Hour and is now currently researching the brain. Prezi is his ‘tech tool’ of choice. When he finishes his projects, his findings are shared with the class. Jacobi Cantwell and Emma Hunter have created their own Rube Goldberg project and will eventually use iMovie and green screen technology to record and share their final presentation. Joshua McCullough uses Duolingo.com to learn French during Innovation Hour. When asked, “Why French?” his response was that he’s “obsessed with it.” Joshua hopes to be a famous French chef one day.

Ruby McMillen is using bloxelsbuilder.com to create and design her own online games. Her plan is to create the games, share them with her classmates and then send out a survey to get their feedback. She’s interested in hearing what suggestions her peers have. Ruby says, “She’s glad she gets to work with technology and knows how fortunate she is to attend a school that allows her to have a different perspective in her learning.”

“I’m glad we get to pick what we learn about, we can get a more in depth understanding on what we’re interested in. There’s really no limit to what we can learn. This is so much more than the ‘just copying from a book’ type of learning. I love getting to do my own thing.”

Ethan Kutz, Drew Meredith and Julio Cruz, all students in Mrs. Copening’s SEAquest group, are using tinkercad.com to create their own 3D models. They read the book The Giver and decided to come up with their own perfect society, or Utopia. Their society will have equal pay and equal rights. Ethan enjoys working with his friends on the same server while they create their Utopian society. Drew says, “It’s really fun! If you can think of something, you can make it online with tinkercad.” When asked how he feels about Innovation Hour, he says, “It’s great because it’s not just the basic curriculum that everyone else learns, your group might be doing one thing and the next group is learning about something completely different. I like the diversity.”

Jacob Finley is enjoying learning more about the Cobalt miners and is sharing his findings on Google Docs, along with the rest of the class. He likes that they’re all working on the same project independently.

Ms. Berger’s student, Hunter Laning creates animated gifs using piskelapp.com. In fact, he’s created an entire animation with 142 frames called, “Gaming Wars.” These animated sprites (characters) he creates are really something! Hunter enjoys pixel art and is very creative. I asked him if he considered himself an artist and he said he wasn’t very good at drawing. As I looked online however at some of his creations, Hunter is clearly an artist! Hunter showed me how to use the vertical mirror pen on piskelapp.com, this is where he gets his ideas for projects from.

Getting just the right background and videoing your footage with the correct perspective is difficult for anyone trying to use the green screen option within iMovie. 6th graders, Claire Nation and Grace Lee can tell you all about it. They tried a project last year in iMovie and weren’t happy how it turned out. They decided to devote more time this year to learning how to use the green screen during Innovation Hour. In the process they created a movie titled, “Adventure of a Lifetime” in which they traveled the world together. They superimposed themselves on front of famous landmarks, like the Eiffel Tower and the Taj Mahal, just to name a few. In the process of familiarizing themselves with iMovie, they learned more about these historic locations and are anxious to one day take their own real life ‘Adventure of a Lifetime’ to some of these sites.

Ms. Berger, Ms. Kew and Mrs. Copening’s classes were the only classes I pulled students from to interview, but rest assured innovative things are happening all across the district here in Monett. Thanks to creative kids, teachers who think outside the box and cutting edge technology at every child’s fingertips, the sky really is the limit! Innovation at it’s finest! Monett R-1 is a great place to be!

Tech Training Expectations - 2016-2017
The Monett R-1 Schools educational community believes the integration of technology is an important component in the educational process. Lauralie Powell and Melody Paige are eager to assist with any tech-related activities.

Substitute Teacher Technology Resources
Substitute Teacher Technology Resources - please click on the link to access the resources.

SpiceWorks Technology Ticket System
Having trouble with your computer? Projector? Anything tech-related? To submit a Technology Help Ticket, send an e-mail to "help" -- your school email program will auto-complete the email address. Provide a lot of detail in your message about your issue. Your ticket will be assigned and will be addressed as soon as possible. You will receive follow-up emails when your ticket is assigned, closed, etc.
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